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Childcare Information

Qualify Your Preschool/Childcare

One of the first important steps in choosing a child care facility is to qualify them by checking with DCSS Department of Social Services.

The Department of Social Services website posts information about licensed child care facilities in California. Click the below and be directed to the California Department of Social Services to the Child Care Licensing page.



California Dept of Social Services: Childcare Licensing
Childcare Aware - Resources

Differences Between Daycare and PreSchool

According to Baby Center there are slight differences between daycare programs, preschools, and childcare centers. Children's Corner is a special place with a uniquely developed program by Jan Cicchetto. As the Director of 35 years Jan has the ability to seek and keep the finest early education professionals. It is important to hire those who make a career in the care of young children.


The one mandatory and uncompromising requirement for Children's Corner PreSchool: All of our Child Care Providers are educated in Early Child Development and the majority of our staff are veterans in the field who have decades of employment at Children's Corner Petaluma. We have a stellar record with a 35 year licensed background.



Health & Safety Standards for Childcare Centers

Perhaps Children's Corner Petaluma goes above and beyond the basic standards required by the USA Department of Human Services. Our professional and educated long term staff has made all of the difference in the world according to our 35 years of references.


Caring for Our Children Basics (CFOCB) has set guidelines that are the minimum requirements you should look for in pursuing child care outside of your home.



Children's Corner Petaluma - Facility Tours

Our school has an open door policy. We love to keep a pulse on our community and the needs of upcoming generations. We offer and welcome tours year round. We are open all 12 months.


Enrollment Periods: Children's Corner Childcare Center

Childcare Sign-ups Begin Every January

Because our school is full, all applicants wishing to enroll for the next school year may be accommodated. You may sign up on the new year list between January and June. Be sure to get on the list ASAP before classrooms fill.

In June you will receive a letter and phone call with your child's teacher and classroom schedule.

Waiting List Policy 

Same School Year (September to June)


Our waiting list is complicated because we are at full capacity.

Just because you are on the waiting list doesn't necessarily mean we can place your child. If in the event an opening occurs it may be limited to a schedule that may not serve your needs. But if you are next in line we will call and ask. We notify you only if a vacancy occurs.

Your preschool age child is only guaranteed a spot if you are placed on the New School Year list between January and June.

See Our Calendar


Childcare Facility Room Decorations with Children's Work
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