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Children’s Corner Preschool is a development-based pre-school program in Petaluma, California. We offer an atmosphere of encouragement where kindness and self-esteem are emphasized in order to stimulate a child’s learning and curiosity within a safe, emotionally secure and accepting environment. Recognition is given based on the individual needs of each child. At the same time, your specific parental values are always respected and adhered to. Because of this, we encourage parent and teacher communication. We believe that a supportive relationship between home and the school is essential for successfully developing the child’s sense of confidence and trust.


The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and carefully constructed to provide successful and positive learning experiences. Planned within the framework of our philosophy, Children’s Corner’s curriculum includes activities such as: sharing, stories, songs, finger plays, arts and crafts, movement activities, food preparation, exposure to shapes, colors, numbers and letters, as well as celebrating birthdays and holidays.

Admissions & Enrollment

Parents who wish to enroll their children at Children’s Corner Childcare Center can begin the process by contacting Director Jan Cicchetto. A face to face meeting and tour of the facility are the next steps to determine the individual needs of the child as well as the parents, not to mention demonstrate how Children’s Corner Child Care can meet those needs. Director Jan Cicchetto takes all variables into consideration and places the child accordingly.This kind of individual attention continues to be paramount to our success.


Children’s Corner is open to any child within the appropriate age ranges that will benefit from the program – regardless of race, religion or national origin.


Once the enrollment is agreed upon, the state requires that the parent turn-in all necessary forms to the child care center by the date of admission. And good news – we can help with that, too. We are also here to help your child get settled and feel comfortable in their new environment. We have some terrific strategies for saying good-bye up our sleeves. And it goes without saying; you may call or drop by to check on your child at any time.

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