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Enrollment Message

Children's Corner is currently full. It is necessary to put your child on our waiting list for the next school year if you wish your child to attend Children's Corner. There are when an opening becomes available. All schedules are individually customized to each child/parents needs therefore it is difficult to determine what schedule or slot may open up. 

Our highest recommendation for your success in placement advises you to sign up for a subscription for openings below. And get on list for enrollment of next school year during January and June of existing year. 

Does Children's Corner give preschool tours?

Answer: In a Nutshell. Yes.

Children's Corner offers and welcome tours when parents sign up for occupancy notifications or enroll for next school year.

Children's Corner Petaluma has an open door policy. We love to keep a pulse on our community and the needs of upcoming generations. Full occupancy tours are given based on individual needs. Please fill out forms below.

What are Children's Corner enrollment periods?

Answer: January to June

Because our school is full, all applicants wishing to enroll for the next school year may be accommodated. Get on the new year list between January and June. Be sure to get on the list ASAP before class rooms fill.

In June you will receive a letter and phone call with your child's teacher and classroom schedule.

Is there a childcare waiting list  for same preschool year?

Answer: Yes (September to June)

Our waiting list is complicated because we are at full capacity.

Just because you are on the waiting list doesn't necessarily mean we can place your child. If in the event an opening occurs it may be limited to a schedule that may not serve your needs. If you are next in line we will call and ask. We notify you only if a vacancy occurs.

Your child is only guaranteed a spot if you are placed on the New School Year list between January and June.

Subscribe to Receive Preschool Opening Notices

Thank you. You will be notified upon openings.

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