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childcare staff pictures and quotes

Our Staff


Hiring the Children’s Corner staff is done with great care and consideration. Hiring is something we don’t have to do too often considering the longevity and commitment of our employees. In fact, 15 of our staff members share an average of 15 years of service at Children’s Corner. What’s more, both our director and assistant director have been at Children’s Corner since the beginning (35 years ago). 


The directors, teachers and assistants have all come to the Center with wide-ranging backgrounds, degrees and training. Although varied, they all have one thing in common: the love for – and appreciation of – children. These variables combine to create an immeasurable quality of care, which has resulted in a dynamic footprint on generations of children in the Petaluma area. 


Licensing / Credentials


California Department of Social Services – Facility #490108735


Teachers Credentialed in Early Childhood Education


CPR/First Aid Certified

CDSS - Dept_of_Social_Services
CPR Certification

A Message from Our Staff


Research proves that the most critical period in human development is from birth to 5-years-old. This can be a challenging time because no two children develop in exactly the same fashion. The differences may be subtle or they may be extreme. At Children's Corner, we have years of experience in dealing with differences and similarities with one single, unifying philosophy:

That self-confidence is not a gift for the chosen few but, rather, a right to be enjoyed by all.


The Staff at Children's Corner Petaluma


Disaster & Emergency Plan in Place


At Childrens Corner our teachers and students are prepared with a professionally devised Disaster & Emergency plan for our particular facility. We practice drills on a regular basis with the children. We are completely prepared in the unfortunate event of a disaster on or around the premises.

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