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June 2021


Children's Corner Policies and Procedures during the COVID-19 Pandemic are as follows:


Children's Corner closed its doors on March 16, 2020 due to the Shelter-in-Place order.  Since this date, much as been learned about COVID-19, and much has changed.  Specifically helpful are the CDC guidelines and our state licensing requirements for the protection agains virus transmission.


We are excited to announce that Children's Corner has now been open since June 2020 without any cases of COVID-19.  We are grateful for the partnership between school and home as we take a slow and careful approach to our "new normal."  Please read over the following policies and procedures which will ensure the safety of all the children and staff at school.

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Precautions include:


- Standard face masks, hand washing, social distancing protocol.

- Reduced class sizes to increase space between children

- Additional staff assigned to sanitize

- Physical distancing of groups

- Parent daily accountability for health of children

- Screening of children at drop-off

Precautions for Childcare Programs


Children's Corner will meet or exceed the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and our State Licensing regulations for health and safety.  All staff members of the school have been fully vaccinated.

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